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  "Phenomenal experience! Now I know what she's up to in there! Such a beautiful baby, shown to us by fantastic staff - Fab gel too! We cannot thank you enough!"

Rachel Smith
West Yorkshire
Babyview gallery

Babyview scans are available at around 28 weeks pregnancy. Your baby's appearance does vary depending on gestational age.

As a rough guide:-

28 to 30 weeks

The baby has a more filled out face with more of a 'chubby cheek' appearance as the fat layers under the baby's skin are forming more rapidly.

28 weeks   28 weeks   28 weeks

26 to 28 weeks gestation

The baby has delicate facial features, as the fat layers under the skin have not fully formed at this stage. The baby has a good amount of surrounding amniotic fluid, and the baby's limb and body movements are generally less restricted as a consequence. As the baby is slightly smaller at this stage, we can ususally fit more of the baby's head and body into the scan picture.

29 weeks   29 weeks   29 weeks

Babyviews first born

Images of Imogen who is the first BabyView scanned baby to be born in the UK.

30 weeks   2 days old  

Images of baby Nathan

29 weeks   2 days old  

Images of baby Toby

28 weeks   4 days old  

Images of baby Mia

28 weeks   Mia now  

Images of baby Ethan

29 weeks   8 days old  

Images of baby Riley